Wellness / Baths

Cleopatra’s bath20 min. / 17,30 €

Sensual, soft and milky bath with gold particles evocative Cleopatra’s bath of precious donkey milk.


Beer bath 20 min. / 16,20 €

Beer bath has a positive effect on the harmonization of the body, relaxing it, and also has an rejuvenating effect on the whole body thanks to beer yeast which is rich in B vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, and mixtures of aromatic herbs.

The residence time in the bath at 34 ° C is 20 minutes.  Rest is essential for physical and mental relaxation and total relaxation.  This pleasant experience is finished off with a glass of beer.


Bubble bath with additives20 min. / 16,20 €

Especially recommended for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, painful joints and spine and also have a positive effect on skin condition.

Not recommended in case of acute infections and open wounds.

Bath for 2 persons with light therapy30 min. / 30,40 €

Bubble bath is particularly recommended in diseases of the locomotor system, spine painful joints, blood circulation disorders.

Light therapy is used for: increased fatigue, restlessness, stress, sleep disorders, bad moods, depression, irritability, immune disorders, weight gain.

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